Tri-State veterans share stories of leadership, teamwork and dedication

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While the commitment of those who serve in the U.S. military is appreciated every day, on Veterans Day we spend a little extra time to acknowledge and appreciate those who’ve served. And this year, Tri-State employees had the pleasure of hearing from a group of veterans whose career paths led them here to Tri-State during November’s Leaders as Teachers session.

Myles Jensen, senior manager, Member Relations & Rates, got the session started with an expression of gratitude to all who have served in any branch of the military. He shared the lessons he learned during his time in the Army, including the importance of teamwork and accountability for one’s actions. Looking at the similarities between military and civilian life, Jensen reinforced that “we have to work together to accomplish our goals.”

Representing the Navy, Mike Sorenson, senior manager, Fuel and Water Resources, took a moment to recognize those we’ve lost, reminding attendees of the level of risk our service members are faced with. He shared his experiences in the Seabee Battalion and Civil Engineer Corps, and emphasized the importance of making a commitment and keeping it.

Another who made a commitment to the Navy was Mary Ann Zehr, senior manager, Transmission Contracts, Rates and Policy. Zehr’s experience with power started before Tri-State, as she spent six years as a nuclear power plant operator in the Navy. She shared how her experience serving changed on September 11, 2001. “It became real,” she shared. “Everything I had been trained to do was for a purpose.” She emphasized the importance of approaching each day with a sense of purpose and reminded attendees that our leadership and the board counts on every one of us to do our job and do it well.

Barry Ingold, senior vice president, Generation, wrapped up the session with the lessons of leadership and trust he learned during his Navy days. After having a captain who was a “screamer and a micromanager,” he knew how he didn’t want to lead. He emphasized the importance of putting in place well-trained people and trusting them to do their jobs, a lesson that still guides him as a leader at Tri-State.

Thanks go out to Jensen, Sorenson, Zehr and Ingold for sharing their stories, as well as all of the talented veterans on Tri-State’s workforce for their contributions to our mission.

Photo left to right: Barry Ingold, senior vice president generation; Myles Jensen, senior manager member relations; Mike Sorensen, senior manager fuel and water resources; and Mary Ann Zehr, senior manager transmission contracts rates and policy. 

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