Tri-State employees help build affordable housing in Montrose

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March 23, 2018

On a sunny, mid-March day, the Habitat for Humanity worksite in Montrose was humming. The three-story structure’s walls were up, the roof open to the sky. Somewhere inside, nail guns and hammers were making a racket as volunteers framed the second story.

In true co-op spirit, our Tri-State Montrose team members readily gave up their day off to help on a local Habitat for Humanity build.

“Coming out here, on this beautiful day, helping this organization and the folks who will eventually live here, well, there’s no other better place to be,” said one Tri-State volunteer.

Thirteen of our Montrose Maintenance Center (MMC) team volunteered on a Habitat for Humanity of the San Juans project home, a triplex currently under construction on Park Avenue in Montrose. When completed, each unit will stand three stories, measure 1500 square feet, and include three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

“Long-term housing is a serious issue for so many. These homes, with affordable mortgages, will be serious game changers for the right family,” said Habitat Assistant Director Deidre Becker.

Including Tri-State, 14 companies have volunteered for the Park Avenue triplex so far.

Weesa Hild, Habitat’s event and volunteer coordinator, said she feels excited about this year’s project because there are brand new volunteers, like Tri-State, who have never participated before. More community members stepping up means more progress toward Habitat’s mission.

Our Montrose team members support their community in other ways. This includes the team’s now-annual Holiday Toy Run benefiting Haven House. They have also made monetary donations to numerous causes, including three middle school science departments.

This is Habitat’s 59th project in the region, serving community members who live and work in the area. Affordable housing is a challenge in the area – rents are increasing and residents are being squeezed.

Since 1991, HFHSJ has empowered more than 50 local families to help build and move into homes of their own. Shelter is a basic human need and Habitat for Humanity strives to achieve its goal of eliminating substandard housing by making decent, sustainable and affordable housing a reality for everyone.

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