Colowyo Mine – big on safety

Do you remember what you were doing April 9, 2014? UConn fans celebrated their second of two basketball titles in as many days, and Colowyo Mine started on their way toward more than 800,000 hours without a lost-time accident. Because of their daily dedication to safety, Colowyo’s 212 employees are being recognized for not just those two years, but also for one full year with no reportable incidents.

Tri-State and Kit Carson Electric Cooperative enter into membership withdrawal agreement 

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, Inc. ("Tri-State") and Kit Carson Electric Cooperative, Inc. ("KCEC") have entered into a membership withdrawal agreement.

The agreement, which was signed by Tri-State and KCEC on June 21, 2016, is subject to KCEC's receipt of certain approvals and provides for the termination of the wholesale electric service contract between Tri-State and KCEC and the withdrawal of KCEC from membership in Tri-State effective as of the closing date.