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Kit Carson Windpower project turbine constructionTri-State partnered with a subsidiary of Duke Energy Corp. to develop a new 51-megawatt wind farm to be built in east-central Colorado.  The Kit Carson Windpower Project, was constructed on a site northwest of Burlington, Colo. - within the service territory of Tri-State member co-op K.C. Electric Association. It was completed November 2010 and is comprised of 34 1.5-megawatt General Electric turbines on a 6,000-acre site. The facility can generate enough electricity to power the requirements of 12,000 to 14,000 homes.






Facts & Figures


Designer and builder

Duke Energy Generation Services

Power purchaser

Tri-State G&T

Ground breaking

April 2010

Fully operational

December 2010

Location Kit Carson County, Colo.

Plant site size

6,000 acres


51 megawatts


34 1.5-megawatt General Electric turbines


Four to eight full-time operating technicians



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Updated: February 6, 2014

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