San Miguel Power Association teams up with town of Mountain Village to design rebates on LED bulbs

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Late last year, the town of Mountain Village and San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) chose a unique solution when offering their residents rebate savings on LED bulbs. The town designed a website for the Relight Project, preprogramming the page with SMPA member account numbers along with rebate program rules and regulations.

Residents could visit the completed page to place an order for LED light bulbs using their member account number. SMPA collected orders over a four-week period and reviewed the transactions before submitting the order to Tri-State Generation & Transmission for processing. The LED light bulbs arrived to Mountain Village in one shipment and were distributed at a central location on a designated pick-up day or left at the Town Hall for residents to pick up.

San Miguel County Greenlights Program

San Miguel Power Association (SMPA) received such positive feedback from the Relight program, they extended a similar one to all of San Miguel County (including Telluride and Ridgway) called Greenlights. They used a unique website preloaded with rebate rules and member account numbers to handle LED light bulb purchases. One key difference between Greenlights and Relight was the frequency that orders were processed – for Greenlights this happened weekly instead of at the end of the four-week purchase cycle.

Both programs enjoyed a successful run that resulted in about 150 residents receiving rebate checks for their purchase of LED light bulbs. Consider speaking with your Member Relations Manager if your co-op is looking for new or innovative rebate ideas!

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