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Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association is a wholesale electric power supplier owned by the 44 electric cooperatives that it serves. Tri-State generates and transmits electricity to its member systems throughout a 200,000 square-mile service territory across Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico and Wyoming.

With a membership serving approximately 1.5 million consumers, Tri-State was established in 1952 by its founding member electric cooperatives to provide a reliable, cost-based supply of electricity. Headquartered in Westminster, Colo., about 1,500 people are employed by Tri-State and its subsidiaries throughout its four-state service area.

Tri-State's power is generated through a combination of owned baseload and peaking power plants that use coal and natural gas as their primary fuels, along with purchased power, federal hydroelectricity allocations and renewable resource technologies. Tri-State delivers power to its members through a transmission system that includes substation facilities, telecommunications sites and over 5,300 miles of high voltage transmission line.

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