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Tri-State rolls out member local renewable program

Highline Electric to be first co-op to sign


Anticipated Heat Recovery project

In an effort to encourage the development of local and community-based renewable energy projects across its service territory, Tri-State adjusted its Member Local Renewable Project Program at the December 2008 board meeting. The changes will extend, by one year, the program’s higher front-end performance payments for qualifying local renewable projects developed by Tri-State’s member systems. 


“Tri-State and our members have a unique role in local renewable resource development,” said Mac McLennan, senior vice president, external affairs and member relations.  “The renewable incentive program is among the most aggressive cooperative efforts in the country to spur the development of community–based renewable energy projects and support jobs and investment in our rural communities.”


Tri-State is also in the process of securing utility-scale renewable resources on behalf of its members to diversify Tri-State’s resource portfolio and assist Colorado and New Mexico co-ops in meeting renewable portfolio standards requirements.  The association expects to announce several projects in the coming months.


Under the local renewable program, which is available to all of the association’s members, Tri-State’s financial support of a local renewable project takes the form of performance payments based on the output of the project or attributes generated by the project for which the member can claim ownership.


While there are several members in Colorado and New Mexico that have renewable projects under study or in the works, Highline Electric Association’s (Holyoke, Colo.) 3.7-megawatt waste heat recovery project is the first one expected to go online during the next few months.  “We are looking at late February for project start-up,“ said Mark Farnsworth, general manager of Highline Electric.


Highline has entered into a contract with Ormat Systems, Ltd., to accept the output of renewable power generated from waste heat produced by a large compressor on a natural gas pipeline in eastern Colorado.


An agreement between Tri-State and Highline Electric for incentives under the policy 117 member renewable program was inked by the association’s board on January 6.



Updated: January 15, 2009




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