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Tri-State stays on the cutting edge of technology breakthroughs by investing in research and development aimed at tackling a number of important energy and environmental issues – and it has been recognized by the electric industry for its commitment to these initiatives.


Energy innovation isn’t just about finding new sources of power; it’s about exploring new ways of producing and delivering it.  Tri-State is pursuing technology to lessen emissions while generating electricity more intelligently to meet growing demand with less environmental impact - such as looking at integrating solar power technology at existing plants to maximize output and efficiency.


Combining new and traditional energy resources while exploring new methods of carbon capture and sequestration to reduce greenhouse gas emissions results in cleaner production, which equals cleaner air.


Carbon capture constructionTri-State and other electric utilities look to research, development and advanced technology to help meet the challenges of providing reliable service while following increasingly complex and stringent legislative guidelines and regulations.  These ventures can be risky, costly and time consuming, so electric utilities pool their resources to make the most of this vital aspect of the industry.


Tri-State is involved with many R&D projects on two levels: core research and demonstration projects.  Core research is funded by all the members of a consortium and is of a general nature so it can benefit the majority.  Demonstration projects are of interest to only select utility members and the results usually study a specific issue for only a small number of funders.


Tri-State and its member cooperatives participate in several collaborative research groups:




  • Electric Power Research Institute is a worldwide consortium of 1,000 utilities whose collaborative science and technology portfolio spans every aspect of power generation, delivery and end-use applications.


  • Cooperative Research Network provides electric cooperatives with the technical information and business tools that lead to the development of new products and services of particular value to the cooperative industry.


  • Power System Engineering Research Center is a network of universities working with industry to find innovative solutions to challenges facing electric utilities and to educate the next generation of power industry engineers.


  • Utility Wind Integration Group provides a forum for the critical analysis of wind technology for utility applications and to serve as a source of credible information on the status of wind technology and deployment.


  • Solar Electric Interest Group provides a forum for participants to exchange information on all solar electric technologies, applications and market developments.



In 2008, Tri-State was presented with the Technology Achievement Award by EPRI for its participation in the consortium’s continuous emissions monitoring systems users group and its work with EPRI to do modeling and analysis that can be shared with regulators and environmental groups while negotiating a state mercury rule.



Updated: June 1, 2009





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